Our Product and Services


Grooming for College and University Students

Colleges, Universities and Business Schools are facing a lot of problems in terms of getting their students placed in the Corporate. In spite of providing quality education esp. technical and other subjects, there seems to be a gap between what is expected out of a fresher who is out for doing a job in the corporate

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Entrepreneur & Leadership Development Program

A special program for Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs and Corporate Leaders.

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Business Consulting for MSMEs

Our USP is that we have partnerd with the companies, who have a repeat client base and they are best in their respective fields, who in turn work with us as partners and consultants for us and help us create best in class systems, processes and solutions for our clients. we believe in collaboration to get the best results

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Head Hunting & Screening Recruiting

Competency Analysis and Lean Implementation for Best Recruitment Practices end-end

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Quality Methedology and Tool

This is a special product under which we provide Documentation and Consultancy for Quality Audits and their certifications through our reputed associates and consultants.

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Train The Trainer Program

A special product only for those who impart training like teachers, professors, or any other teaching professionals. Here we train the trainers in their presentation skills, soft skills, we test their emotion quotient, & intelligence quotient, language trainings, etc, and enhance their coaching and mentoring skills.

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Corporate Learning & Development Program

This program exclusively focuses on how to make a professional office atmosphere. In this we provide training to all employees with office etiquettes, office skill development training, etc. We even train the freshly recruited candidates in order to reduce the employee turnover ratio.

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Corporate Mentoring Program

We also have something for the startup companies. Under this head, we groom and mentor the Startups. We closely monitor their operations in the initial infant stage and help them achieve their growth targets. We help them to develop their vision, mission, strategies and philosophies.

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Spoken English and Communication

Usually, communicating in any new language includes not only includes grammar lessons but also factors related to fear and embarrassment which inhibit a person’s ability to speak in that particular language. Our SPEAC program focuses on all theoretical, cognitive and psychological aspects which help the candidate accept the language and communicate in it. Our SPEAC language learning and enhancement program is for organizations especially facing problems with employees struggling with articulation of English and other foreign language capabilities.

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