Business Consulting for MSMEs


Process Re-engineering and Integration in Small and Medium Enterprises

PRISME is a program that will help the small and medium scale industries to improve their overall growth cycle by connecting profitability and growth with business strategy.

By applying the tools of 6 sigma and Lean to different processes of manufacturing, construction and service sector we will help the SME’s to improve their accuracy, productivity and reduce the Turn Around Time in production, sales and marketing, logistics and HR departments.

PRISM’E” will focus on a mentoring plan for the concerned stakeholders and train the employees in creating processes, policies and procedures in creating a standard equivalent to a world class organization.

Our Business Score Card Module will help check the health of the organization in various parameters and identify the wastes and eliminate them by making the process leaner.

We will integrate technology with the quality tools and business score card for the creation of the required and identified goals and standard for the SME.

We will

Assign a consultant from Shreem Mantra Technologies Pvt. Ltd be the champion for implementing and maintaining the score card measurements.

Establish a data collection mechanism and a database in which to enter data.

Define the analysis needs and reporting procedures to review the processes.

Review the data details and take proper action in a timely fashion.

Schedule a monthly meeting and review the business scorecard.

Review the measurements and correlate them with profitability and growth.

Take necessary actions to improve profitability and growth.

Reviewing of


Leadership Performance

Leadership Performance

Rewards and Recognition

Annual Reviews