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Our Vision is to strive and achieve new standards of excellence and create social impact by providing the best- in- class human capital, management services and customized products thereby making the most of all the stakeholders and to become number one service provider in the local and national markets we serve.

Why choose Us?

Our Mission.

Shreem Mantra’s mission is to be leading service provider in the human resource segment in the local market through bringing a paradigm shift in the hiring and training methodologies

Why choose Us?

Who we Are.

As a brand Shreem Mantra has devoted 5 years of Excellence in serving the industry. Shreem Mantra is a Human Resource Management Consulting firm promoted by Management professionals and Paramedical Graduates with extensive experience in Recruitment and Training & Development.

Shreem Mantra commenced its operations in 2011 with a clear vision with a team of energetic and experienced professionals at Vadodara.

Core Values



Solution Orientedness for us is to first define and then understand the problem because we believe a problem well defined points out towards the solution, further we apply the required tools to come to a qualitative solution.


We Honor our customers and employees as our most important assets and aspire to increase them.


We would not stop till our goals are achieved and look at obstacles as the only way through which we can achieve our goals.


Focus on customer Experience as a parameter to know if we have been successful in delivering our products and services. We aim to give the best Experience to our Employees.


We endeavor to attain Excellence in our field of expertise and focus on being the number one position in the sectors in which we provide our services.


We learn and cultivate mindfulness and approach our lives –professional and personal – with a beginners mind without preconceived notions. We will be more aware of our being human beings first.

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